How we work

How we work

Galileo Watermark pushes boundaries with impactful designs led by customer experiences and unique brand partnerships. The team develop exclusive products for guests and deliver customised, bespoke designs to all our customers.

Product Development & Design

Design and development is paramount at Galileo Watermark. This work is always informed by research and collaboration with clients and partners. Collaborative design workshops allow the team to fully understand the task in hand and ensure the best end results.

With a wealth of experience in product development, graphic and industrial design, prototyping, fashion, textile, plastics material knowledge and CAD/technical specification knowledge, Galileo Watermark has the skills to meet your design objectives.The design team work on the most innovative projects for the world’s leading hospitality providers, yet ensure they remain closely connected to the Operations and Global Procurement team. This allows Galileo Watermark to not only provide delivery assurance and efficiency on all projects but also keep ahead of the latest production techniques and new technology. Galileo Watermark is a proud member of the Design Institute of Australia and subscribe to WGSN Trend Forecasting.

Read some of our case studies to see how we have worked with clients to develop new solutions.



Creativity is at the heart of the process, together with strong communication and collaboration with clients. Galileo Watermark prides itself on its grasp of commercial considerations and ability to respond to the clients aspirations and needs.

All projects go through a structured design process, including full concept and technical drawings, textile and 3D prototypes, pre-production sampling and sign off. This ensures that Galileo Watermark delivers exactly what clients need, as well as pushing boundaries in delivering world firsts in this sector.

Galileo Watermark’s reputation at successfully running “design through to delivery projects” is illustrated by its client lists, and its growing presence in the industries within which it operates.


3D Printing

Galileo Watermark has the latest 3D printing technology in our London and Sydney offices, allowing the team to rapidly develop models, iterate designs with clients,test end solutions and provide tactile products that customers can relate to during the prototyping stages.



Galileo Watermark’s strong global presence allows it to leverage efficient sourcing strategies that make it one of the most cost competitive suppliers in the industry. With multiple dedicated factories worldwide, high capacity production lines and an R&D laboratory Galileo Watermark can deal with all manner of projects. The supply chain also includes sample production lines and an in-house development centre that has the capability to produce small production runs for market research, production testing, stakeholder feedback and design iterations.

Distribution, Freight & Logistics

Galileo Watermark offers a fully in-house global sourcing, distribution and quality control services out of our Hong Kong and UK offices. Galileo Watermark works with leading international sea and air freight logistic partners to deliver efficient freight solutions across the world’s logistic hubs. The operations team have years of experience in delivering a variety of products to our global customers.

Using extensive product sourcing experience and manufacturing networks, the Operations and Procurement team not only build strategic partnerships with our existing supplier base, but also identify new production opportunities as global economies continue to develop and innovate. By working closely with our customers, Galileo Watermark is able to develop customised freight solutions to maximise available warehouse space, reduce storage costs, and increase inventory turnover. Independent third party audits ensure products arrive on-time, safely and to the highest quality standards.


Account Management

Within our rapidly developing technological world, Galileo Watermark continues to place heavy value on the importance of face to face communication. By developing a close working relationships with all of our clients, from design through to ongoing delivery, we regularly visit our clients in their offices around the world, ensuring that there is the opportunity for clients to collaborate, review and feedback every step of the way.

All of our accounts are provided with dedicated Specific Points of Contact (SPOC) who are contactable at any time to manage all aspects of the customer’s needs. Our dedicated Account Managers have a wealth of experience and expertise, working in collaboration with the wider Galileo Watermark team to provide you with the committed resources and knowledge to generate solutions that will benefit and strengthen your brand.

Quality Assurance

Galileo Watermark takes its responsibility as a global manufacturer seriously. The stringent Quality Assurance and CSR team are dedicated to ensure products are manufactured ethically and meet the required international standards for safety and social responsibility.

In order to manufacture and deliver products to the highest possible standard, Galileo Watermark places focus not only on the finished goods for export, testing and pre-shipment, but also a commitment to ensuring that our manufacturing partners are qualified from a technical and social compliance perspective. Independent third party audits are also in place to further ensure that products arrive on-time, safely and to quality.