Tray Bien: business class meal service


When Delta Air Lines decided to launch their new Business Elite service ware in 2010, their brief could best be described as challenging.  Inspired by a product that had caught their eye at an exclusive retailer in the USA, the original tray design was unlike anything the airline industry had ever seen before. The shape, with its rounded vertical sides and flat horizontal axis, was unprecedented; contemporary, stylish and most of all, daring. Delta sought to recreate fine dining at 35,000 feet. We were able to develop a product that could function within the unique cabin environment, withstand rigorous handling and prove more durable than most standard trays, all without compromising on appearance.

With its ultra-modern shape, natural looking wood grain finish and invisible, state of the art slip resistant surface, Delta, in partnership with Galileo Watermark, raised the bar in terms of innovation.  Completing the service is custom designed glassware, with elegant lines, minimalist inspired salt and pepper shakers in bright white, and natural looking linen textiles.