Pure Class

Responsible for designing Virgin Atlantic’s first ever amenity kits, Galileo Watermark has worked closely with the airline to design its new Upper Class and Premium Economy eco-friendly kits.

Virgin Atlantic’s focus was to create amenity kits that were both good for the customer and good for the environment. The new kits are made of responsibly sourced and fully recyclable FSC kraft paper, which is durable and water resistant, and comfort items designed to be as plastic free as possible.

The Upper Class bag includes a bamboo toothbrush from @BambuuBrush, a 2 in 1 White Glo toothpaste and mouthwash, ear plugs, paper pen and cotton socks. Where packaging is required for recycling purposes or hygiene reasons, paper has been used in a bid to reduce plastic usage. 

In addition, Galileo Watermark has developed an innovative light blocking eye mask, which is the first of its kind onboard and is intended to withstand multiple uses.

The smaller Premium Economy kit is also designed in kraft paper and includes an eye shade, pen, dental kit and ear plugs, whilst in economy items will be available on request.

“Our customers have high expectations and so this kit refresh was our opportunity to really offer something unique. It was important for us to address the growing concerns surrounding sustainability and create a luxury kit filled with hero items that can be kept and reused. Proving that small changes really do make a huge difference, our efforts will save an astonishing 945 tonnes of plastic being given away onboard, and knowing that our customers fly with us because we are different and constantly innovating, I am sure this will be appreciated.”

Daniel Kerzner, Vice President Customer Experience, Virgin Atlantic