When on-time delivery matters

We have worked with WestJet, as part of a design consortium, to design and create a unique range of Premium Economy and Economy meal service ware to align with their recent transformation as a high value global player.

Due to the accelerated nature of the project, we brought a large design and operations team to WestJet headquarters in Calgary to ensure that all designs were rooted in volumetric study, met all of the complex configurational needs, whilst showcasing the best of Canadian hospitality and the WestJet culture.

“WestJet is going through a massive transformation; moving from a low cost to a high value global player and therefore we have to think differently. It is an important time for us so it is important that we work with the right people.

Having someone work on volumetrics, working out each aircraft’s space constraints, then having designers use that information to design accordingly, on the spot, has been a huge benefit. It’s where GW really earned their money.”

Simon Soni, Director of Catering Services, WestJet

“WestJet’s brief to us was clear. They wanted to clearly reflect their brand story and Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, and we were delighted to take on the challenge using such a beautiful landscape as our creative canvas.”

Alexander Atkinson, Creative Director, Meal Service